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Bringing the most effective range of Calcium Chloride, Calcium Chloride Powder, Marble Powder, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrated Lime & various other chemicals, at reasonable prices...

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About Us

We at Varnica Chemicals are renowned producers of an excellent range of industrial chemicals. Our ultimate purpose is to elevate the quality of results & performance of users who require chemicals in their organizational processes. By serving as a manufacturer, we have been sustaining a top-notch position in the industry for almost 2 decades now. Industrial Chemical product portfolio offered by us includes Industrial Calcium Chloride, Hydrochloric Acid, Marble Powder, 90% Calcium Chloride Powder, Hydrated Lime and 72% Calcium Chloride Lump. Composed by our professed experts, our each offered item is highly effective, durable and safe to use.

Our company offers the best quality of Industrial Chemicals that are procured by mechanical industries, lab research & study department, institutes, hospitals, petrochemical & various other sectors. We tend to reach out & serve maximum number of required customers nationwide who do not have easy access to reliable quality products at fair prices.

Over the period, our company has learned, improvised & adapted latest work approaches in composing the perfect industrial chemicals for the users. Today, we acquire a respectful status in the industry, which we look forward to maintaining for eternity by sustaining growth & development in organizational processes & business management.

Our Infrastructural Advantages

We are blessed to acquire an advanced, well-facilitated and capacious infrastructure for managing organizational processes. At our unit, we have maintained proper quality controlled work environment along with all safetywears & equipment for the production processes. Under the roof of such facilitated infrastructure, we are availing many benefits such as low time consumption in processes, both quality & quantity in the production of 90% Calcium Chloride Powder, Hydrochloric Acid, Marble Powder, Calcium Chloride, Hydrated Lime & 72% Calcium Chloride Lump without any compromise and task management with innovative & effective ideas. 

Reasons To Choose Us

Undoubtedly, today our organization is recalled as the most reliable firm in India for procuring qualitative industrial chemicals. The reasons behind the fact why a vast number of customers choose us are:
  • Our quality in adherence to international standards
  • Our work strategies in compliance to governmental policies
  • Our superior quality offered at budget constraint prices
  • Our customer centric operation management for shipment, etc.